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A-) Death
A1-) When a Muslim is at the point of Death
A2-) Just after Death has been determined
B-) Mourning the dead
C-) Washing the body
D-) Kafan/Shrouding the body
D1-) Kafan of a male
D2-) Kafan of a female
E-) Funeral Prayer
F-) Following the Funeral Prayer
G-) Burial
H-) Special cases (Miscarried fetus, children and Martyr)
I-) Condolences
J-) Waiting period
K-) Rewards after death
L-) Visiting the Cemetery


Islamic Society of Wichita provides burial services to Muslims in the state of Kansas. Our total charges for services and burial are $2000.00. Requests for death certificates can be made through the ISW office and cost an additional $15.00 per copy. Death registration forms are available in the office, and can be sent via email upon request. We will have them available from online very soon, inshaALLAH. 

Services provided by ISW are:

  • Transportation from hospital/coroner to Masjid facility.
  • Preparing the body for burial according to Islamic teaching.
  • Performing prayer on the deceased (salat aljanaza).
  • Transportation of the body from Masjid to ISW cemetery.
  • Digging the grave will be arranged by ISW.
  • Address of ISW cemetery: 1861 W 69th St N, Wichita, KS 67204

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.


Office Administrator : 316-682-5479

Address: 6655 E 34th ST N, WICHITA, KS 67226

Burial Committee: 

Mirza Baig (316) 990-8386
Abdul Bari (309) 643-0548
Abdul Khadeer (501) 247-7943
Omar (224) 410-1193


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