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Mask Mandate starting 7/23/2022

Dear ISW community members and visitors,

Assalamu Alikum,

Due to the increased COVID-19 cases in Sedgwick county and according to the CDC recommendations for indoor spaces, starting July 23, 2022 masks are required for anyone 12 years and older to enter the Muslim community center.

Prayer rugs are not required at this time but are recommended.


ISW Board Of Trustees.


ISW Duplexes Updates

Assalamu Alikum;

With the grace of Allah and your generous contributions, we were able to start the ISW complex construction. We will be providing updates on a regular basis inshaa Allah about the progress of the project:


(3) duplexes located at ISW East property Lots, each duplex has two units. Each unit accommodate Three (3) Bedrooms, and 2 1/2 bath.  

Duplex size: 

Living Area (Both Sides)

Width: 48’  
 1st. Floor 1,344 SF + 800 SF Garage Area   Depth: 48’
2nd. Floor 2,144 SF   2 Stories w/ Two Car Garage 

1 Protected Bathroom at Main Level as a Storm Shelter for each side

Construction Cost for Each Duplex: 

Base Cost of Each Duplex (2 Sides) $ 280,000.00

Total Cost for all Three (3) Duplexes $ 840,000.00

Click to Donate through MOHID.

Click HERE to donate through gofundme.

Update of 06/19/2022


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WhatsApp Image 2022 06 19 at 4.01.24 PM 6


Al Bayaan Quranic Institute

Tafseer classes on Friday nights after Isha and on Sundays after Fajr. 

Al Bayaan Quranic Flyer 2022 12 28

Annoor Islamic School Monthly Lunch Menu

Annoor Islamic School Monthly Lunch Menu is available HERE.


ISW Financial reports 2019 up to September 2021

Assalamu Alikum;

  • The ISW updated Financial Report up to September 2021 can be found HERE.
  • The ISW updated Financial Report up to September 2020 can be found HERE.
  • The ISW updated Financial Report up to April 2020 can be found HERE.
  • The ISW 2019 Financial Report can be found HERE.


ISW and Black Lives Matter

Assalamu Alikum;

The Islamic Society of Wichita stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. We can not witness racism, discrimination and violence without calling our community to stand with the oppressed in support of true justice and condemn police brutality. We unconditionally believe that Black Lives Matter.

May Allah swt grant justice to the oppressed and grant relief to those who have suffered and currently suffer. 

"Oh believers! Stand firm for justice as witnesses for Allah even if it is aganist yourselves, your parents, or close relatives. Be they rich or poor, Allah is best to ensure interests. So do not let your desires cause you to deviate from justice. If you distort testimony or refuse to give it, then know that Allah is certainly All-Aware of what you do." Quran 4:135. 


Special Needs


Alhamdulillah, the Islamic Society of Wichita is committed to supporting MUHSEN in their efforts to help families with Special Needs. MUHSEN, Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs, certifiy Mosques which work towards accommodating special needs community members.

We want to know the requirements of Special Need families in our community. If you have a family member with Special Needs, please click on the link HERE to fill out a Needs Assessment Survey. If you know of a family in our community, who has a family member with special needs, please forward it to them. All responses are confidential and will only be provided to the Muhsen team.


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